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Vanadium Electrolyte

2016/12/14 16:08:08
  • Brand Vanadium Electrolyte
  • Model Vanadium Electrolyte-P

The selection of sulfuric acid for the solvent arises from the high solubility of the four vanadium species in the form of sulfates. Sulfuric acid is also generally the preferred electrolyte for use with most ion exchange membranes used for vanadium redox batteries.The superior performances of the vanadium electrolyte can be attributed to the higher reaction activity for the functional additives in the electrolyte.The following figure is charge and discharge curves at constant current 140 mA/cm2. Compared to the original electrolyte, the average charging voltage of the new electrolyte reduces 35 mV, the average voltage during discharge increases 90 mV, improves the voltage efficiency of the battery. In contrast with the original electrolyte, the new electrolyte can make the charge and discharge time extended, such as prolongs discharge time from 38 minutes to 58 minutes, the performance improves by 53%.

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